Haircut not included
$90 and up - 45 min.

Haircut or Trim not included. Deep Conditioner not included. Extra $10
$75 and up - 45 min.

Partial Relaxer(sides&back) Style
Haircut or Trim not included. Deep Conditioner not included. Extra $10
$55 and up - 30 min.

Basic Shampoo/Style
$50 - 30 min.

Chemical Free (Natural) Flat Iron
$55 and up - 30 min.

Eyebrow arch
$10 and up - 15 min.

Semi-permanent /Rinse/Style
Haircut or Trim not included
$60 and up - 30 min.

Wedding Package
Haircut or Trim not included
$150 and up - 2 hr.

Spa Party Package
All Spa parties will require a 50% deposit. Booking a spa party will need at least a 2 week notice so we may plan accordingly. A minimum of four people. Discounts will vary per group size. All parties will need to cancel within 24hrs. 20% gratuity added for groups of six or more.





$70 and up - 45 min.

Sew In

Call salon for appt.
$150 and up - 1 hr., 30 min.



Color Service/ Full Highlight/ Style

Haircut or Trim not included
$150 and up - 1 hr.

Demi-perm( recommend for gray)

Last longer than semi-perm color.
$20 and up - 15 min.

Partial Highlights /Style

Haircut or Trim not included
$85 and up - 45 min.




Hair Cut Only

$25 and up - 30 min.

Layered Cut

Not included with Relaxers
$20 and up - 15 min.

Reshape (Ends Trim)
$15 and up - 15 min.

Shape up (shorthair)
$10 and up - 15 min.




Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That:
Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That A short mani for those short on time,
This includes clipping and shaping of the nail, pushing back of the cuticle, and lotion application.
A great polish of your choice to end.
$15 - apprx. 20min

Classic Chic Mani:
Classic Chic Mani Our short mani with complete cuticle and nail care.
This classic mani ends with and any chic polish of your choice.
$20 - apprx. 25min.
Oh My OPI Mani:
An oh so amazing mani that will leave your hands soft and rejuvenated.
We use the OPI manicure line to achieve this oh-mazing manicure.
The exfoliating scrub, effervescent soak,
and body butter will have you saying Oh My OPI.
$30 - apprx. 45min.



Classic Chic Pedi: 

You can never go wrong with something classic.
This pedi includes complete cuticle and nail care,
application of lotion and ends with any chic polish of your choice. 
$30 aprx. 35min. 

Cool as Can Be:
This pedi includes a cucumber mint soak that will detoxify and
cleanse the feet followed by a lemon mint salt scrub.
This pedi along with complete cuticle and
nail care will have your feet feeling more refreshed than ever.
$35 - apprx. 45mins.
Brown Sugar Babe:
This sweet pedi will leave your feet smoother than ever,
starting with complete cuticle and nail care and
ending with a vanilla paraffin wax treatment
and any polish of your choice.
This exfoliating and moisturizing pedicure
will have your feet on a sugar high.
$45 - apprx. 1hr. 30.

Please be Advised: Effective Immediately any credit card Used for payment will be charged A 3% Service Fee. You Are More Than Welcome To Use Cash As A Form OF Payment.

Cancellations/No Call/No Show: All cancellations must be at least 24-hours in advance. We understand untimely things happen that hinder you from making your scheduled appointment. Should this occur without a courtesy call or text to your stylist, you will not be able to book a future appointment without a $25 non-refundable deposit. Should you no call/no show on a second appointment’s cost before being allowed to book a future appointment.

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